Clean, Sustainable,
On-Site Hydrogen Production

Harness the power
of nature to create clean, affordable hydrogen energy

Harness the power of nature to create clean, affordable hydrogen energy

BoMax, with the development of our alpha prototype, is now in the final stages of developing an on-site solution for hydrogen. The patented BoMax system uses no hazardous materials or rare earth minerals in the production of green hydrogen.

Our answer to the world’s energy crisis is clean, sustainable hydrogen, produced at the location where it will ultimately be used.

BoMax Video

As the world struggles to meet the ever-increasing energy needs of governments and industry, hydrogen continues to be the best, most effective solution. Now, with a working prototype, BoMax is poised to change the way hydrogen is made, stored, and applied by offering a scalable, green technology that can meet growing demand.

Light Activated

Our patented BoMax technology harnesses light to activate catalytic reactions using inexpensive natural enzymes – not rare metals.

Onsite Generation

Hydrogen produced where it is needed will dramatically reduce the risk and cost of traditional hydrogen production while creating new opportunities for application.

Alpha Prototype

Our “alpha prototype” demonstrates to the world that on-site, clean, sustainable compressed hydrogen production is no longer just a possibility, it is a reality.

Ambient Pressure & Temperature

Requiring no special environmental conditions, the BoMax Box can be installed in interior or exterior environments, making best use of natural light.


100 kg H2/mol catalyst/day

  Zero Emissions

  No Transport Loss

  Water By-Product