BoMax Markets

Our vision is to transform the energy market in a way never seen or conceived. Just imagine affordable “on-site” energy generation at levels capable of supporting all residential and commercial applications with no carbon footprint! The potential market for onsite hydrogen production is huge.

This system is able to generate “on-site” hydrogen at ambient temperatures and pressure without any direct fossil fuel footprint.

When paired with a hydrogen fuel cell generator our system can supply abundant residential and commercial electricity.

The BoMax system operates as a green energy alternative. There is no use of fossil fuels. There is no release of Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere.

BoMax “on-site” delivery means avoiding transportation and storage costs. This makes power generation at remote sites easy, as well as quick setup of hydrogen fueling stations in cities or even warehouses.

The system does require the maintenance of anaerobic conditions so it could work well in space. It is scalable and has the potential to produce hydrogen gas for months without servicing the system.

Three Market Examples

Hydrogen Power for Vehicles & Forklifts
Market Value: $22 Billion

In 2013, auto manufacturers started announcing fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) commercialization plans. Since then, Toyota, Hyundai, General Motors, Honda, Mercedes/Daimler, and others have all committed to putting FCEVs on the road, some as early as the 2015–2017 timeframe. As states with zero-emissions vehicle programs prepare for commercial deployment of FCEVs, investors, regulatory bodies, and engineering design firms will need support in developing cost-effective hydrogen fueling infrastructure. And this is only the beginning. BoMax Hydrogen make setting up and maintaing these fueling centers easy and safe. No big trucks to bring in the replacement hydrogen. Rather BoMax will create the hydrogen onsite.

Another area is the use of such fuel to power forklifts. Forklifts are the muscle behind warehousing, and they are everywhere. Most forklifts run on either battery or propane, and both have disadvantages. This is where BoMax Hydrogen can come into play. By being able to produce hydrogen onsite, the forklift powered by hydrgen-run fuel cells can easily be refueled. Hydrogen does not need to be delivered and the lifts experience little downtime and produce no carbon footprint.

Communications Towers and Data Towers
Market Value: $1.4 Billion

Many communications/data towers like the one seen here in this image, are in remote, isolated locations. They all require electricity to power their operation. To generate that electricity, companies must either build access to the power grid or have a generator on site. The first alternative is expensive to build, and is expensive on an ongoing basis. Try running power to the top of a moutain! The second alternative can prove virtually impossible when you try to transport fuel to that mountain top to power the generator.

What is needed is something that can generate fuel on site to power the generator. BoMax hydrogen is the answer. BoMax can generate the hydrogen to power fuel cells connected power generators for the site.

Mission From Mars
Market Value: Undetermined